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Centerless grinding

Centerless grinding differs from other grinding operations in that no spindle or other equipment is used to position and secure the workpiece.

The workpiece is fixed between the grinding wheel and a rotating regulating roller (which can also be a grinding wheel) and it is their rotation speed, relative to each other, that determines the speed at which the material is removed from the workpiece.

This type of grinding is generally preferred over others for bar grinding operations.


The shapes and size
we produce

We manufacture centerless grinding wheels for the most common machines (Monzesi, Cincinnati, Bocca Malandrone, Ghiringhelli, Tacchella, etc.) starting from a diameter of 300 mm up to a diameter of 660 mm.
With regard to the thickness of the grinding wheel, we can reach 420 mm, in one piece, or up to 800 mm in several pieces.
We use both ceramic and resinoid bonds to meet the widest range of applications.
Delivery time: 45 working days for resinoid-bonded grinding wheels.
Delivery time: 60 working days for ceramic-bonded grinding wheels.