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CBN and diamond grinding wheels

The last decade has seen the emergence of new bonds with mechanical properties, such as hardness and wear resistance, that were once unattainable.

At the same time, Mole Abrasivi Ermoli has been engaged in the development of high-performance tools, which leverage the characteristics of CBN and diamond abrasive to the fullest.

This type of polymer is used for finishing operations on small, sometimes complex, parts.
The amount of abrasive material within these grinding wheels is much higher than electroplated wheels, thus increasing tool life.
Resinoid-bonded grinding wheels are best used with cooling lubricants but, in special cases, we can supply bonds for dry machining.
Our production includes grinding wheels with a maximum outer diameter of 500 mm.
Delivery time: 30 days.

Electroplated diamond/CBN grinding wheels, with an electroplated bond, are mainly used for dry or air-cooled processing.
They are suitable for rough grinding operations on more or less complex profiles.
Our production includes grinding wheels with a maximum outer diameter of 450 mm.
Delivery time: 30 days.


CBN grinding wheels

CBN (cubic boron nitride) is the second hardest abrasive used in the industrial sector.
It does not contain carbon, unlike diamond, and is therefore suitable for grinding ferrous alloys with hardness >=55 HRC.


Diamond grinding wheels

Diamond is the hardest material in the world (about 30% more than CBN).
It has unparalleled thermal conductivity, five times higher than copper.
Diamond grinding wheels are often used for grinding materials such as tungsten carbide, commonly referred to as hard metal or Widia.