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Our Company

An idea that survives
world events

Our history and our extreme care for details have made us the company that we are today: attentive to the needs of customers, to the relationship with suppliers and manufacturers, experts in the mixing and processing of materials but, above all, demanding with ourselves, in order to always guarantee high quality grinding wheels.


Through 3 centuries, 4 generations and 140 years of history



Mole Ermoli was born in Malnate, in the province of Varese, Italy. It operates in the field of extraction of gritstone and aims at the production of millstones and sandstone grinding wheels for the sharpening of sickles and knives.


The company later chooses to dedicate itself exclusively to the production of agglomerated grinding wheels, produced thanks to the use of the emery coming from the island of Naxos, in the Cyclades islands group.


Thanks to the strength of its grinding wheels, Mole Ermoli obtains an important award at the Turin International Exhibition, winning a gold medal.

1920 – 1930

In the years following the First World War, Mole Ermoli quits its mining activity completely and takes forward the valorization of its products through the creation of specific brands for each type of product. Thanks to its careful commercial promotion, Mole Ermoli manages to make its way into the market, and to establish itself as one of the most influential organizations.

1940 – 1950

Mole Ermoli, later called SIMAE (Società Italiana Mole Abrasive Ermoli – Italian Society for Abrasive Grinding Wheels Ermoli), plays a crucial role during the Second World War, due to its being strategic for the war industry, so much so that 30% of its employees get exemption from military service. In the years following the conflict, SIMAE receives several awards from national authorities for its service in time of war and, at the same time, improves its production using synthetic abrasive products. For example, emery was replaced with synthetic corundum, obtained by melting bauxite (aluminum hydroxide).


Under the guidance of Luigi Ermoli Junior and his son Giorgio, the company name changes permanently to the current Mole Abrasivi Ermoli srl. In addition, production begins to focus on custom-made grinding wheels, as well as on the personalization of the services offered to customers.


The process of digital change, promoted by Giorgio Ermoli, begins: the company invests in Industry 4.0 for a greater efficiency in manufacturing activities and a more careful monitoring of the main KPIs.


Mole Abrasivi Ermoli srl turns 140 years old. Today, our company still continues to produce custom-made grinding wheels for customers all over the world, without ever forgetting the founding values that have guided it throughout a century and a half of activity.

Our Values

Mole Abrasivi Ermoli is made of people, for people.
We believe in work as an activity that can enhance the value of employees, products and the company.

We know, thanks to our experience, that competence and reliability are the starting points for a solid, transparent and lasting professional relationship.
We never stop investing in research projects aimed to develop new products: we know that refining the quality and sustainability of our offer is the only way to keep on growing, always offering new solutions.

We work effectively and dynamically because we know how to collaborate as a team and, at the same time, we want everyone to be able to express their potential to the fullest.
We consider ourselves satisfied only when our customers are satisfied too: we do our best to ensure that everyone can achieve their goals, while maintaining high standards of quality and effectiveness.