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Our services

Research and technical database

In collaboration with suppliers, customers and machine tools manufacturers, the technical staff of our company carries out research activities aimed to improve the performance of our grinding wheels through the use of an extensive database.

This tool, constantly updated, allows us to recommend the most suitable specification for each process.

Technical and commercial support

For any needs from our customers, the technical department offers free consulting to optimize the processes, regarding not only to the grinding wheel but also to the dresser, cooling lubricant and filter fabric.

One of our engineers will always be available for any request for intervention, advice or simply to provide more information.

Delivery terms

The normal delivery times are the following:

  • 30 days for resinoid-bonded grinding wheels
  • 45 days for low-temperature ceramic-bonded grinding wheels
  • 60 days for high-temperature ceramic-bonded grinding wheels

In the event of an emergency, we can cut production time by half, supporting you with every need, at any time.

Results tracking

We track the company’s results in order to be able to continuously improve and, by analyzing them, we set growth targets, in line with the needs and expectations of the company and the market.

In addition, to certify the effectiveness of each one of our operations, we use product sheets that will be delivered to the customer after the development of their new grinding wheel: thanks to the collaboration with machine tool operators, this instrument allows us to measure the improvement achieved by comparing the work parameters before and after our intervention.