Spring grinding wheels

For decades, our company has specialised in the manufacture of grinding wheels for springs, with countersunk nuts.
We produce grinding wheels for all brands of grinding machines, such as Kamatech, OMD, Wafios, Dorn and Arigossi, in all sizes up to a diameter of 915mm.

Thanks to the abrasives we use (CUBITRON®, CERPASS® and ABRAL®) and our optimised mixes and bonds, our grinding wheels enable large quantities of material to be removed with low wear.
To improve cooling, we can also supply grinding wheels with a highly porous structure and combinable with cooling holes, which also give excellent results on stainless steel. Accurate manufacturing processes, ambient climate control in the mixing and shaping department, and precision in balancing, speed and hardness tests, together enable us to offer safe, reliable and consistently high-quality grinding wheels.

Our staff draw on our extensive database to recommend the most suitable specifications, taking into account all of the variables involved in the machining process, such as spring size and elasticity, wire diameter, type of grinding machine, manual or automatic feed, down-feed or continuous machining, and type of dressing.

For serial machining processes we also provide a free machine-side assistance service to determine the machining parameters that enable our grinding wheels to operate at their optimal potential.


We have recently developed a new product with exceptional performance, which represents the perfect blend of ceramic and resin bonds: “BV” grinding wheels. “BV” wheels guarantee extraordinary grinding performance both in terms of productivity and the quality of the machined springs. This next-generation hybrid bond combines the advantages of resin bonds (elasticity, safety and reliability) and ceramic bonds (grinding capacity and productivity).

Here are just some of the advantages:
- Increase in durability of up to two times that of traditional grinding wheels
- Increased productivity in terms of workpieces per hour
- Improved surface finishing without performance drops
- Excellent maintenance of tolerances
- Machining speeds of up to 48 metres per second
- Delivery times: 25 working days.

Although we have developed a number of standard specifications for the most common machining processes (carbon steel, stainless steel, universal and economic), we can also produce grinding wheels featuring this structure in all sizes, with a porous or closed structure, with or without cooling holes. Contact our technical service to decide the most appropriate specifications for your requirements.