Grinding wheels for grars and hobs

These processes generate a large surface contact area between the grinding wheel and workpiece. Good grinding capacity on the side of the wheel, as well as durability of the profile, are required.

We have developed a mix of abrasives and a porosity that allow truly excellent results to be achieved.

Our grinding wheel in 13XHA, a mix consisting of Cubitron, monocrystalline and white abrasives in suitable proportions, optimises the grinding capacity of microcrystalline corundum on steels as hard as 58 HRC, such as those commonly used in gears.

The specific structure, with concave-sphere porosity significantly increases the durability of the profile and helps to prevent overheating, thus enhancing grinding performance.

The cost/performance ratio offered by these wheels is very attractive, as they contain a low percentage of Cubitron.

Delivery times: 45/60 working days depending on the dimension and type of bond.